Facilities Management (FM) is essential to every customer’s overall strategy. It has a direct relationship to the lifespan and cost of any facility, big and small.

BFD GLOBAL delivers superior FM service because we put the best technology in the hands of the most experienced industry professionals in Port Harcourt. Our commitment to strict compliance in the quality, health, safety, and environment spheres is also critical to our standing as Nigerian preferred facilities management specialist.

We deliver the full spectrum of hard and soft facilities management services, as well as consultancy and sustainability services.


We enhance and support the places where NIGERIAN’s community gathers to live and play.

Our ffTeam


Who We Are?

  • Our team is comprised of talented facilities management professionals from over 23 countries on five continents, with all operational staff holding degrees in facilities management fields. 
  • We are managers of sporting infrastructure, commercial and cultural venues, health facilities manufacturing plants, and educational facilities. 
  • Our executives combine best-in-class international experience with local knowledge, accrued over years of successful facilities management in Nigeria. 
  • We love the win-win:  BFD GLOBAL as well as its clients have been awarded for exceptional performance in facilities management. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

There’s more to business than business. As a community, we strive to contribute to NIGERIAN Vision 2030.  Investing in human development, sustainability initiatives, and employee training is an integral part of who we are. 


Graduate Training Program 

Because Facilities Management is new to the country, BFD GLOBAL has taken ambitious steps to educate citizens in the field.  By training Nigerian nationals in FM, BFD GLOBAL legacy has been to establish a culture of best practice among the country’s future FM professionals.  We have trained over 100 people.


Too often, organizations consider sustainability a buzzword.  But we don’t see it that way.  There’s a reason why we have a dedicated, in-house sustainability team.  It’s why we create bespoke, smart district cooling plans for our clients’ facilities.  And why we made the switch from disposable plastic water containers to reusable bottles on our biggest site, and why we have made it a priority to install solar energy solutions in our newest projects.
The reason?  We know that sustainability not only saves the environment, but also saves money for our clients.  BFD GLOBAL is bringing sustainability back, and exceeding our clients’ core business objectives in the process.


Safety is at the heart of BFD’s training, policies and procedures.  It is our number one priority, day in and day out. That’s why we’ve instituted SAFE365, a program that integrates safety best practice into our daily work day.  Safety is non-negotiable for us.
SAFE365 is a suite of policies, procedures and rules that ensure:

  • Employees are encouraged to report conditions and practices that are potentially unsafe.
  • Employees and sub-contractors actively participate in regular behavioral safety training.
  • Contractors adhere to rigorous requirements for safety, underscored by mandatory inspections and audits to verify compliance.







2.1           COMPANY OVERVIEW

We are keen to play a leading role in the fast-growing NIGERIAN Market by providing world class services that surpass the existing standards of Luxury and Innovation and to raise the credibility of our services and build greater trust with our clients by providing the best professional business culture that integrates products, services and consultancy.

We are committed to excellence in quality and cost effectiveness. BFD GLOBAL is devoted to the total customer satisfaction providing solutions in cutting edge technologies. Whatever cleaning needs your project requires, we are ready to meet the challenge.

Interior Cleaning

Subdivisions of Interior Cleaning services include:

  • Office Building Cleaning
  • Residential Apartments and Villa Cleaning
  • Hospital Cleaning
  • Hotel & Furnished Apartments Housekeeping Services
  • Restaurants Stewarding
  • Plant & Factory Cleaning
  • School Universities Cleaning

Cleaning Services also include the following:

  • Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing
  • Furniture Shampooing
  • Parquet Washing
  • Windows Cleaning
  • Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Care (Waxing and Polishing)
  • Marble Restoration (Grinding & Crystallization)

Exterior Cleaning

  • Building Facade Cleaning
  • Water Blast Cleaning
  • Sand Blast Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning Using Access System
  • Waste Management
  • Street Sweeping and Cleaning
  • Garbage Containers Removal
  • Garbage Collection from Residential Compounds
  • Sewage and Man Hole Cleaning


A selection of services that our landscape architects provide includes:

  • Overseeing the design of a variety of projects, including urban regeneration schemes, pedestrian schemes, road or retail schemes, and maintaining the character of sites of natural beauty;
  • Establishing general landscape requirements with client;
  • Conducting preliminary studies of the sites (including contour, soil, ecology, buildings, roads);
  • Assessing a site’s potentials to meet the client’s specification;
  • Implementing environmental impact assessments;
  • Taking into consideration the views and ideas of residents, potential users, and parties with a vested interest in the project.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance activities include weeding and other vegetation removal; herbicide and insecticide application; fertilizer application; watering; and other gardening and lawn care practices.

Vegetation control typically involves a combination of chemical (herbicide) applications and mechanical methods. The major objectives are to minimize the discharge of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to the storm drain system; prevent the improper disposal of landscape waste by properly disposal of clippings and cuttings; and properly educate employees. Grassy areas are planted with paspalum “saltine” vaginatum. In all areas, the maintenance procedure for established grass areas would be the same whether the lawn is seeded or stolon-planted. Although grass maintenance is essential in keeping the lawns in good condition, grassy areas have their own special needs; this features regular feeding, top dressing, aerating and weeding. A well-balanced program of grass care is essential for a perfect grass surface.


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