The Rug Company UK

Are you searching for something of original quality and of unique make to ornament your home this season? Search no more!

The Rug Company UK

This blog has a special rug company for you, so you can make your choice without regrets!  

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The Rug Company UK

About the rug company

The rug company is a unique firm with top experts and artist in hand knotted rugs! Our network comprises of; professional weavers from Nepalese mills and devoted teams who engages into laying our rugs in the respective homes globally!

Explore our Farrow & Ball collection

Why choose us?

Our latest designs

Our rugs, with their unique qualities will continue to embellish the finest public and private house all over the world! We have some of them showcased in our booklets to inspire our global customers.  

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The Rug Company UK
The Rug Company UK

We aren’t afraid of any level of challenges, for our group of designing experts is available for any design need or project! Therefore, not withstanding your complex requirements, we’ve got hands to get you covered!

Our services

We run innumerable services to keep our customers afloat! Here are few of such services;

  • One-to-one personal service where you discuss online with our skilled design team.
  • Trade and account contract; where we allow you  to sign up for trade benefits, and company’s TRC LAB, our hand tufted collection available to trade partners only!
  • Customer and bespoke services to make imaginations runs wild!
  • size and fitting services
  • consultation & approval
  • maintenance and cleaning
  • trade and contracts

The rug organization continues to pave the way! With their progressive collaborations, unique designs are coming up on daily basis. This year, watch out for what’s new in the rug company as they’ve coupled up with top companies like trailblazers, glass artist’s; Dale Chihuly & designers like Kelly Wearstler, David Rockwell, Kelly Behun, Paul Smith and Nicole Fuller and many others. Watch out for novel technology and rugs that encapsulates the designer’s unique vision! These rugs are masterfully transposed uniquely from first ideas, to finishing design! This is the work of our expert team!

The Rug Company UK

Lower priced rugs

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