The Rug Company UK

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Are you seeking to find an interior inspiration from a unique rug brand? Then, you’re on the right page! Our firm’s innovative spirit is reflected and echoed thru our “in-house-collections!” We, right now, aim at your comfort in these colder seasons therefore; our gifted design studios have experimented with novel techniques for it. Expanding the choice to incorporate novel organic designs, art-inspired rugs, and contemporary Ikats is our main goal. Tag along for some of our most current releases!   

The Rug Company UK

About us

Creation has never been done in isolation from time pasts! It’s a collaborative process for us. In the Rug Company, the hand knotted rugs comes from shared passion and devotion of a network of intellectuals and weavers from Nepalese mills!

Our products

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Our company share collective pride over our products and sources as the global number one quality rugs. For twenty years we’ve been motivated by; curiosity, cultivated collector’s eye, trips here and there, to find exceptional and rare pieces! Crafting a rug takes 4 months, but our rugs last generations! The secret behind this is that we utilize the same “time-honored techniques” used by artisans of the past hundreds years.

Our services

The Rug Company UK

We run innumerable services to keep our customers afloat! Here are few of such services;

  • One-to-one personal service; in this service, we allow our customers to discuss their requirements online with our expert design team. We make you as comfortable as ever during such discussion!
  • Trade and account contract; here, we allow our clients to sign up for special trade benefits. That’s not all, through this service; you’ll have access to the company’s TRC LAB. The TRC LAB is our hand tufted collection mainly for trade partners!
  • Customer and bespoke services; with this, the imagination of our clients runs wild!

Free UK delivery

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  • size & fitting services
  • consultation & approval
  • maintenance & cleaning
  • trade & contracts

Our rugs with their unique qualities will continue to embellish the finest public and private house all over the world!

Discover our contemporary rugs collection

We have some of them showcased in our booklets to inspire our global customers.  We aren’t afraid of any level of challenges, for our group of designing experts is available for any design need or project! Therefore, notwithstanding your complex requirements, we’ve got hands to get you covered!

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