The Rug Company UK

Our customers ask why we’re always on top of the world in our rug designs!

The Rug Company UK

Our top secret lies in our choice of materials.

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Tag along to know more about the materials of our rugs! But before that, see what we consider before choosing our wools!

Things to consider before choosing our yarn

The Rug Company UK

What we consider before choosing our wool is the level of strength, luster plus softness. We pick those that are cool and smooth to the touch. We also consider the sumptuously soft wools with a warm feel. Beyond the charms of silk, wool, and cotton we’ve explored the benefits of; bamboo, alpaca, banana leaf, mohair, and merino too.

Our choice of Materials, features and benefits 

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The Rug Company UK

Wool; Our wool is selected for its warmth, softness, and natural strength. Their respective qualities are listed below;

Sheep’s wool; has been playing a very useful role for years. And they’re the best wool globally!


  • water repellent
  • plus a flame retardant.

The Tibetan wool;

Comes from a sheep fleeces that live on the plateau of Himalaya at great altitudes of approximately 17,000 feet.

The Tibetan wool qualities are;

  •  strong,
  • springy,
  •  exceptionally rich in lanolin,
  • its natural stain barrier.
  • Ease of maintenance; Once collected, its easy to wash and hand-spun into a soft yarn.
  • Rich texture & long unbroken fibres; provides high durability and a breathtaking texture underfoot.


Silk is top for its luxurious shine and decadent softness. Silk has been a source of delight to the human senses since its introduction from China, some thousand years ago.


  • A spectacular lustre due to its prism-like structure
  • It reflects light,
  • this lustre amplifies colours to jewel-like intensity.
  • It’s tremendously strong,
  • Very durable in old antique carpets
  • it outlast wool,
  • top technical cleaning and yet the finest silk

We use it in giving the ultimate softness and shine. However, when we seek a more natural touch, our “hand-spun Indian” silk gives more ‘slubby’& uneven finish!

Other secret materials

Mohair; or Angora for yarn spun from an Angora goat’s fleece.


  • beautiful lustre which augments richness and intensity to colors
  • can be woven into ordinary rugs

Merino; comes from sheep, whose rams posses long spiralling horns. Its origin is traced to the 12th Century in Spain.


  • They’re the growers of the most opulent fleece
  • The fleece is soft,
  • famed for natural fineness
  • delightful to l touch.

Bamboo Silk

The fibres are long and strong. When handled with caution, you spun them into lustrous yarn, like silk.


  • They’re uneven in color
  • The uneven nature gives it a rustic finishing with interesting fluctuation in tone.


We use linen, the oldest textiles, made from original flax fibres got from a flax plant stem



  • Smooth
  • lustrous
  • silky in texture,
  • Versatility of use and durability.


Are from the handpicked alpaca fleeces, a relative of the Latin American llama!


  • Sumptuously soft
  • luxurious,
  • Alpaca is thick
  • It is delightfully fluffy, giving it a breathtaking texture underfoot.

Perennials® yarn


  • Soft
  • Robust
  • resilient,
  • can be handwoven
  • it’s from solution “dyed acrylic”
  • highly durable
  • can withstand all environments.

We await your quality reviews after your first trial!

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