Are you thinking we’re Silly Billy? Think again! We’re Silly George!

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Are you thinking we’re Silly Billy? Think again! We’re Silly George!

Silly George is your ultimate eye beauty brand! We believe in the old adage that beauty shines from your inside to outside. Thus, we add that beauty is fabulously a fun with an after effect of feeling good.

That is why our products are different. We make our items Hassle free and fabulous. They can go on without the glue, pains or the mess. They’re vegan, cruelty-free, and yet recyclable to boot.

This is innovation for most people, but we call it the revolution! Why? For us and our customers, pain is unprofitable and beauty is a source of eternal joy. We love giving you joy.

Our progress

We deliver globally, pain-free, hassle-free items. Presently, we have supplied at least 200,000 pieces of our items to popular goddesses. Each day, this list grows.

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Now ladies, enjoy our stock of goods without pain, glue, smudges, and grudge. Embrace unique beauty! Nothing is more alluring than a dazzling lady being unapologetically herself!

Our products           

Our products are numerous. We encourage you to invest into skin care, hair care, yes! But what of lash care?

Money-Back Guarantee

Here are two beautiful eye lashes items today. Tag along to know more about them!

Our Silly George Lash Growth Serum; Our eyelash cares nourishes, protects, and strengthen the eyelashes. Once you use our Silly George Lash Growth Serum eye lashes, it will give you a longer, thicker, with beautiful lashes! Silly George Lash Growth Serum will give you a naturally longer and curled lash. Expect this in just 4 weeks!

Dual strip magnetic lashes

Step out with our weightless, long-lasting, plus easy to use dual strip magnetic lashes! It has two layers of lightweight lashes. They will gently clamp over the natural lashes to offer instant volume and great length. Do you hate having to use glue? Then the magnetic lashes suit you!

Why should I use Dual strip magnetic lashes?

Looking for the best part? Here we go! They are made for multi-wears and they will stay put till you decide to let go! You have the right to feel a difference sensation as the delicate lashes stays without weighing you down!

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