Anti Aging Eye Gel for Dark Circles and Puffiness

About this item

  • FOR ALL YOUR EYE-AREA SKINCARE NEEDS, Our Ultimate Eyebright Gel Is Designed To Help You Target Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Sagging and Puffiness, and help your skin look and feel smoother, softer, and more plump. If your “around-the-eye” area does not quite meet your expectations or desires, try our Ultimate EyeBright Gel for fantastic results.
  • DOES YOUR SKIN SHOW A LOSS OF PLUMPNESS AND FIRMNESS, Or A Loss Of Tone And Resilience Around Your Eye Area? It’s All Taken Care Of In This Delicate, Light, Soft Gel Your Skin Will Love Every Time You Use It. Designed To Work With Your Skin As You Apply It, This Eye Gel Allows For More Brilliant Results Through The Use Of Ingredients Which Work In Synergy For More Radiant Looking Skin.
  • MATRIXYL 3000, PLANT STEM CELLS, EYEBRIGHT, VITAMIN E, JOJOBA… Our Ultimate Line’s Highly Organic And Highly Natural List Of Ingredients Are Designed To Provide High Quality, Top-Shelf, Spa Level Skincare Which Works In Synergy To Help Your Skin Look And Feel Amazing With Each Application.
  • THE BEST SKIN-CARE AT THE LOWEST PRICE – You will be hard-set to find the high quality ingredients in our products for even close to our price. We believe fantastic skin-care should be available to anyone, and it is our mission to ensure that you get both top-notch quality products, but also the best customer care available. Contact us anytime through Amazon for assistance.
  • WHY WASTE TIME AND MONEY with unnatural ingredients when you have the opportunity to try our fantastic product, which has the same quality, at a fraction of the price of other skincare? You are not merely buying an anti aging product, but a guarantee that if you are not happy, neither are we! You have amazingly beautiful skin to look forward to, so click the “Add to Cart” button at the top right corner of the screen right away. Hurry up, our products go quickly!

Product Description

Retinol with Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum Anti Aging Moisturizer Cream for Daytime Nighttime Skincare


We are committed to providing professional, “top-shelf” spa-quality facial products with education to match your skin-care needs as you age.

Tree of Life Beauty began as one woman, Ellyn Davis, relentlessly searched for skincare products that actually worked to help her skin feel softer, more youthful, and refreshed, while adding that “vibrant glow” everyone looks for in skincare.

There were so many products which promised the moon but delivered so little, and so many of them were simply not affordable long-term based on what they offered, that Ellyn knew something needed to change in the skin-care industry.

A scientist at heart with a masters in biology and having worked toward her doctorate in microbiology, Ellyn tested, studied, and personally reviewed all the skincare she could get her hands on, and came up with very specific, key ingredients and formulations which were scientifically shown to help skin retain its youthful glow as a person aged. It was important to her to not only find ingredients which would help those who were already showing the signs of aging, but those who wanted help keeping their skin’s youthful look and feel as they aged.

Thus, Ellyn decided it was time to change the way skin-care was done, and Tree of Life Beauty was born.anti aging moisturizer serum face cream for skin and eyes daytime nighttime wrinkle repair

The ONLY Anti Aging Eye Gel You Will Ever Need

This Powerful, Soothing Eye Gel Targets Your Skin’s Troubled Areas and Helps Your Skin Have a More Vibrant, Soothed, and Rejuvenated Look Which Feels Softer and Smoother to the Touch. Our Ingredients Speak for Themselves, and with Matrixyl, Eyebright, Plant Stem Cells, Vitamin E, and Many, Many More Natural and Organic “Super” Ingredients, this Anti Aging Eye Gel Will NOT Disappoint.

anti aging moisturizer serum face cream for skin and eyes daytime nighttime wrinkle repair

It’s All About What You Want In Skincare…

AND WE BELIEVE YOUR SKIN DESERVES THE BEST – If you are looking for softer, vibrant, more radiant looking skin, you can see dramatic results from our Ultimate Eyebright Gel because we use some of the most well-known ingredients which work in synergy with your skin.

This Serum’s Ingredients Speak for Themselves, and Include:

  • Matrixyl 3000 to help skin look and act more youthful, vibrant, and rejuvenated
  • Eyebright, Plant Stem Cells and Vitamin E for their antioxidant properties
  • Botanical Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturize and reduce the look of fine lines caused by dehydration
  • Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, and Frankincense Essential Oil, for incredible skincare benefits ranging from antioxidant properties to softening skin through incredible hydration
  • And that’s just to name a few of this facial serums fantastic ingredients!

We feel your skin deserves the best, and we know you do too.

anti aging moisturizer serum face cream for skin and eyes daytime nighttime wrinkle repair


The ULTIMATE in Skincare Synergy…

Perhaps you are looking to soften crow’s feet, you want a more radiant look, or you miss that “brightness” you once had, or maybe you just want to take better care of your skin as you age… either way, our Ultimate line is designed to give your skin incredibly high quality, trusted ingredients in an easy to use, synergistic combination designed for your skin to look and feel better as you age.

Finally, in order to go above and beyond, our Ultimate Line is:

  • Highly Natural and Organic, because we care about the quality of our products
  • Paraben Free, which means it is much healthier for your skin long-term
  • 100% Vegetarian, meaning you can feel secure knowing you are not using products made from animals
  • Cruelty Free, because no animal should have to suffer so that you can enjoy high-quality skin-care
  • Made in the USA in Regularly Inspected Facilities, because safety is our #1 concern, ALWAYS

You Cannot Go Wrong with the Leading Name in Skin Care

anti aging moisturizer serum face cream for skin and eyes daytime nighttime wrinkle repairanti aging moisturizer serum face cream for skin and eyes daytime nighttime wrinkle repairanti aging moisturizer serum face cream for skin and eyes daytime nighttime wrinkle repairanti aging moisturizer serum face cream for skin and eyes daytime nighttime wrinkle repair
Ultimate Daytime SerumThe Only Daytime Serum You Will Need, our luxurious Ultimate Daytime Serum truly is a powerhouse for all-day use to help your skin stay hydrated, rejuvenated, and give you a more smooth, youthful look and feel throughout your day. It is a powerful serum, and can be applied in small amounts under makeup, or used more often without makeup for all day skin rejuvenation. This Daytime Serum is thin and incredibly powerful, and has a red-orange tint which is derived from the amazing skincare ingredient Astaxanthin. It is suggested to use it sparingly at first, to allow your skin to adjust to its anti-aging properties.Ultimate Nighttime SerumThe Only Nighttime Serum You Will Need, our powerfully youthful Nighttime Serum can be applied at night to round out your skin care regimen, or by itself as an Ultimate Nighttime Serum to work throughout the night for more even skin-tone, a tighter look and feel, and an overall youthful “glow” upon waking up in the morning. This is a thin serum that is incredibly potent, and should be used with a “less is more” approach to allow your skin time to adjust to its powerful and synergistic active ingredients. If your skin is sensitive to Retinol, it is recommended you use a moisturizer after application for best results.Ultimate Beauty CremeA Truly Incredible Beauty Cream, our Ultimate Beauty Creme is designed to be used by itself or at the end of a skincare regimen, and helps “lock in” your regimen’s ingredients while helping create a protective barrier for full absorption.Like our Ultimate Daytime Serum, this face cream contains Astaxanthin (giving it its red tint), which has been shown in clinical studies to increase skin moisture, elasticity, and promote skin’s smoothness… and this is just one of this cream’s “ultra” skincare ingredients for smoother, more hydrated, plumper and more radiant skin.Our Ultimate Line is designed for luxury, and we know you won’t be disappointed.Quality Ingredients + CommunityYou may ask why our skincare is so affordable, and it is because we focus on quality ingredients, service, and word-of-mouth over marketing. This allows us to offer truly high-quality, yet affordable skincare to amazing people like you!

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