Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid for Face and Eye DOUBLE SIZED (1.7 oz) – Best Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Facial Serum with Natural Ingredients – Results in 5 Weeks

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  • 💖 YOU WILL NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE – Using the vitamin C serum for face daily your skin will feel much softer, smoother and tighter in just a few weeks. Vitamin C helps diminish wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tone for a healthier and more glowing skin. Works wonders as dark spot corrector for face when combined with our face moisturizer
  • 💙 FEEL ATTRACTIVE & CONFIDENT in your NEW Glowing Skin with the daily application of the gentlest yet potent anti aging serum for face that guarantees visible Results in 5 weeks for a renewed youthful look. Let the lightweight and silky brightening serum caress your skin, giving you that Glow and Radiance that everyone will notice and admire
  • 💚 FAST-ABSORBING & LIGHTWEITH FACE LOTION – The gentle yet effective Vitamin C facial serum is formulated only with the purest and highest Natural and Organic constituents to provide nourishment and treatment in a single gesture. The rapid absortion of the topical vitamin C gives an immediate freshness and smoothness feeling to your skin
  • 💛 LARGE SPA SIZE AIRLESS BOTTLE – 1.75 fl. oz of the purest vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid. Packaged in a premium BIGGER size airless pump bottle that will last you more than 7 weeks. Vitamin C does not get oxidized because it is kept in a vacuum environment maintaining freshness and efficacy of the facial serum. Dosage Control + Waste FREE
  • ⭐ AWESOME VALUE ⭐ We understand your needs and expectations and we want to go beyond them offering you not only the best anti aging skin care products but also the human touch of an honest company committed and loyal towards your Happiness and Satisfaction. Ordering your vitamin C Serum Today you will receive our Skin Care Guide + our best video on how to apply the face serum for best results for FREE + a secret surprise you’re going to love 🎁

From the brand

Kleem Organics  Skin Care
Kleem Organics Skin Care

It’s about Beauty. It’s about Advancement. It’s about Service.

Our story

How we got our start?

Kleem is the Sanskrit sacred sound of Love and Beauty, that when pronounced it brings your desires towards you. Feeling confident and attractive comes from within and Kleem has the power to help us achieving this deepest desire we all share.

What makes our product unique?

• Natural & Organic Ingredients • Cruelty Free & Chemical Free • Vegan • Highest Percentage of Selected Bio-Active Ingredients • Airless Technology Packaging to preserve the integrity of products • Produced in FDA and approved ISO 17025 labs • Certified CPNP (EU standards)

Why we love what we do?

The expression of who we truly are will bring self-confidence, admiration, love, joy, satisfaction and freedom. This is exactly how we want to feel – This is exactly how we want to live.

Product Description

Kleem Organics


Kleem Organics is not only a brand that stands for Beauty, but it’s the essence of a dream which becomes true when you use it.

In light of many customers’ failing confidence in the giant, faceless, non-organic cosmetics companies, Kleem Organics is concentrating their efforts on offering its customers natural and organic solutions to a larger portion of the population as part of their daily skin care regimen.

Dr. Sorato decided to dedicate his professional life sharing his skin care knowledge with thousands of people around the world, helping them having a deeper understanding of their skin condition and providing them with cutting-edge skin care products.

When it comes to beauty Dr. Sorato believes in 3 most important things:

  • Enhancing people’s self-confidence about their appearance
  • Educating people about how to prevent and reverse the signs of aging
  • Providing people with specifically designed skin care products
Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum

Introduce a New Chapter to Your Skin Rejuvenation Regiment

Over time, skin begins to change. Signs of aging may appear.

Fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, age spots and loss of elasticity become more visible.

A lot of claims are made about how to reverse the signs of aging.

Our focus is to develop extraordinarily high quality skin care products that deliver VISIBLE RESULTS.

Our revolutionary anti-aging products are created with scientifically-proven bio-active ingredients, which PREVENT and SLOW DOWN the aging process, stimulating collagen production for a healthier and more youthful look.

Kleem Organics

Precious ingredients for your beauty

There is a good reason, why vitamin C is one of the market-leading anti-ageing remedies:

(1) It enables collagen production and encourages the regeneration of your cells.

(2) It protects your tissue against damage inflicted by UV radiation* by neutralising free radicals.

(3) It lessens pigment spots and areas of hyperpigmentation. Our serum contains Stay C-50, the purest form of ascorbic acid, and the more stable vitamin c precursor sodium ascorbyl phosphate.

Kleem Organics

Powerful Vitamins

Kleem Organics

Hyaluronic Acid

Kleem Orgnics

Nourishing components

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

Kleem Organics – The Choice of Thousands Of People

Kleem Organics Skin CareKleem Organics Skin CareKleem Organics Skin CareKleem Organics Skin Care
Anti-AgeingVitamin C enables the synthesis of collagen, an important protein for the maintenance of healthy, young-looking skin.Result: A firm skin structure with improved elasticity that prevents the formation of new wrinkles.ProtectionVitamin C has strong, anti-oxidative properties that neutralise free radicals and, thus, protect your tissue and cells against UV radiation damage.Result: Development of new surface irregularities is averted, leaving skin smooth and flat.EvennessVitamin C assists in slowing the production of melanin, a dark pigment, leading to the reduction of pigment spots.Result: Hyperpigmentation of affected skin areas is alleviated, resulting in an even skin tone.Natural glowVitamin C encourages cell turnover rates and removes old, dead skin cells. In combination with vitamin E, it smooths irregularities in the skin’s surface.Result: Smooth, healthy skin with a glowing complexion.
Kleem Organics


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