Blue Cut Eye Lenses/glasses

Product Description/Details 

What are blue cut eye glasses/lenses?

Blue cut eye lenses are those glasses that restrict blue light emanating from electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, television, electronic notepads etc from entering the eye thereby causing damage to our vision.

What is blue light?

Blue light is a light which is naturally produced by sun. Blue light cal also emanate from computer monitors, smartphone screen, and other digital/electronic device. Additionally, blue light is produced by LED and fluorescent light bulbs. Blue light is also important in maintaining your sleep and wake cycle mood and keeping your memory active.

How does blue light affect the our sight?

Blue light affect our sight by penetrating the cornea and passing through to the retina, damaging some delicate parts of the retina which can lead to total loss of vision or what we call blindness.

Why we need blue cut lenses/glasses?

As we all know, blue lights are everywhere. Manmade sources of blur light include flat-screen televisions, fluorescent and LED bulbs, computer screens, electronic notebook, smartphone and other electronic gadgets. We spend most of our daily activities using these aforementioned electronic gadgets either by staring at the screen or vice versa, thereby causing our sight to be vulnerable/susceptible to blue light that can damage our sight.

For this reason, we need a Blue Cut Eye Glasses in order to prevent such blur light from entering the eyes.

Blue cut eye glasses also helps to prevent dry eye, eyestrain, headache and tired eyes which are common results of staring at the screens for a long time. With blue cut glasses, these eye problems can be avoided or reduced.

Blue cut eye glasses also reduces the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts.


Its very important we keep our vision away from damage or danger from blue light radiation because it could lead to total loss of vision. In order to prevent this from happening, get yourself a blue cut eyeglass. For more information about this product , visit: the link below

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