Heartgard Plus Chewables – Heartworm Treatment For Dogs

Heartgard Plus Chewables Small Dogs Up To 25lbs (Blue)

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Heartgard Plus Chewables Small Dogs up to 25lbs (Blue)

Heartgard Plus Chewables Small Dogs Up To 25lbs Blue 12 Doses

Here is the top and astonishingly Cost Effective treatment for your dog from Canadapetcare! It saved me from time spent at the Vet’s Office! You’d not have to waste time seeking for a refill! Everything is intact in this treatment. Get it today andyou’re your pet fill that you’re giving it a treat!

About Heartgard

Heartgard Plus chewable is the beef-flavored treat to stop heartworm infection in your pet dogs. It is manufactured by Merial / Boehringer Ingelheim and marketed by CanadaPetCare.com!


  • The delicious tablets are cherished by dogs and this makes the therapy easy during administration
  • It prevents heartworm illnesses
  • Treats and checks hookworms and roundworms


Heartgard Plus Ingredients:

Ivermectin, Pyrantel

Nuheart Ingredient:


The energetic ingredient Ivermectin kills the unripe heartworms while, pyrantel eliminates roundworms and hookworms.

What are the benefits derivable from Heartgard plus?

  • It cures and reduces the action of preexisting roundworm and hookworm infections.
  • It treats Heartworms, transmitted by mosquitoes which could result into deadly diseases if heartworm preventives are used.
  • The oral cure if administered monthly secures your pet against fatal heartworm disease.
  • It successfully stops heartworm disease
  • You can administer it monthly beginning from 6wks old puppies! 

Is Nuheart as good as heartgard for Dogs?

Yes! Nuheart is a generic heartgard for your dog to live as a free citizen today! It’s an efficient heartworm therapy for dogs. Nuheart as a generic edition of Heartgard, has exactly similar ingredients Heartgard! Nuheart comes as a meat-aroma tablet administered monthly as an easy dose. It secures your dogs and their puppies of over 6 wks old.

How do I ensure Safety when administering this pet’s treatment?

  • Test your dogs and puppies for heartworm sickness before beginning the treatment.
  • It’s advisable to make the pet chew the tab instead of swallowing it.
  • The monthly dosage of the tab should be given all year round.
  • Skipping treatment during winter periods is firmly not advisable since pets are prone to catching up on disease during winter!
  • Consult your vet if you happen to miss the dose for at least two months.

Are there breads I shouldn’t use Heartgard solution on?

Yes! Don’t give it to Collies! They include;

 Border Collies plus other breeds that are vulnerable to Ivermectin.

How do I start this treatment with Heartgard?

  • Before commencing with this preventive therapy, get your pet dog examined for heartworm sickness.
  • Administer Heartgard Plus on monthly basis if the dog tested negative to heartworm infection.
  • If you missed giving the dose and a month has passed since its last dosage, quickly administer Heartgard + and continue the monthly therapy schedule.
  • Uninterrupted treatment for a year is the best.
  •  Administered orally
  • This palatable tab can be cut to pieces for enable easy swallowing.
  • For dogs Heartgard is as tasteful as ever and it’s a treat.
  • Get rid of tablets only if necessary and remove the pack from sunlight.
  • During administration, protect your eyes from it.

Wrapping up!

To save your pet from fatal illness, Heartgard is the total proof solution! Heartgard + tabs treat all sizes of dogs! Be it small, medium or large dogs under 3 weight ranges; 0-25 lbs, 26-50 lbs & 51-100 lbs respectively, it cures them. Get it today as it is available in 6-dose & 12-dose packets! You can administer these palatable tabs per month!

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