Grab our offer of up to N400,000 + more monthly today! Grab the offers by signing up as a BFD booking Affiliate!

Partnership with us is for FREE and you can sell cheap flights to your clients!

Enjoy working with us as a rising online travel agency; bfd sells cheap flights today! We operate on more than 500 airlines soaring to more than 12,000 destinations. You’ll earn 70% of our airline commission with each paid booking as you utilize your affiliate instrument!

Sign Up

So if you’re a new travel agent, article writer, or a blogger, here is a big opportunity for you! And if you’re looking for top ways of making easy cash from your clients, sign up with us today! for FREE and be on your way to earning more cash! Sign up NOW and a member of our affiliate’s crew will in touch with you in 48 working hours! Hurry up, since delay might be dangerous!

Asking how to kick-start selling?

Perfect! On the registration procedure, select between 1 or 2 affiliate tools to utilize. They are either the textlink or i-Frame. You chose to be more digitally confidence? Then, offer your clients the i-Frame on your site. And when you wish to give your in-house crew the online booking link for booking on behalf of the customers, select the text-link option!

Bfd globals booking i-Frame

Is a replica of our booking search engine which gives your clients entrée to our flight inventory. It is fixed into the site, for users who comes to book a flight. The booking robotically tracks back to our affiliate ID. Once the client pays for a flight, you earn as the ticket is issued!

Text link

Enables you to make some bookings for your clients! You will get your pay as soon as the client pays for his or her flight ticket and it’s issued. There is an automatic track back to the affiliate’s ID. As soon as the flight is paid for and there is issuance of ticket, you’ll earn! is issued.


  • No private or organization’s site is needed in selling the flights.
  • Only internet required
  • Excellent tool to utilize for you and your team
  • Highly accessibility as you go!
  • Suitable for any device

How much can I earn?

How we pay the commission is for each booking;

  • 70% of every gain from each paid booking got from our Affiliate link, site or source.
  • And the flat fee for every international flight!
  • Commissions are paid 2-3 weeks after the month end! If you’ve got additional questions, kindly email us at

Additional benefits, besides the 70% commission?

As a Travelstart Affiliate, you will benefit from:

  • Quality training
  • Joining our program and utilizing our tools is FREE
  • Backup office assistance when customer service is the priority
  • Real-time presentation tracking system to monitor any monthly bookings for an approximate earned totals
  • Dedicated affiliate running team to aid in boosting your sales and your commission earnings
  • Timely commission payment
  • Bi-weekly newsletters & text messages telling you of any available and affordable flight deals, exclusives plus incentive programs
  • Right to Issuance of  tickets from all regions
  • Right to customise with our firms branding on booking confirmation plus e-ticket information

Therefore get started today, complete the registration form to kick-start earning more income TODAY!

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