10 eye-catching idealistic Honeymoon destination in Nigeria

Seeking for a romantic trip with your lover bird? Then, seek no more! We’ve got what you’re searching for! Even if you’re just a new pair, just engaged, or you’re in need of an idealistic escape zone this Easter, tag along! This blog features the most loving honeymoon attractions of Nigeria!

1. Sencillo, Lagos

Here you’ll enjoy free access to the internet, Jacuzzi, onsite concierge plus lots more!


Quality design; its minimalist all-white design gives you a romantic feeling

Naturally looking lush lawns, and tall palms

Personal lounge overlook a stunning crystal-clear pool for real romantic honeymoon exit! Sencillio is a top luxury beach house at Ilashe (Lagos)


It is for you if you’re operating an inadequate budget!

2. La Manga Luxury Villa, Lagos

This alluring experience is in Ilashe, Lagos! La Manga Luxury Villa is a little paradise designed with Spanish architecture.


  • Rooftop jacuzzi, and private lounge for you alone.
  • A beautiful and neat swimming pool
  • Unique massaging room for your muscles
  • Its beachfront living room has an open lounge
  • Well furnished kitchen for you and your partner
  • Bar and the poolside barbeque grill region is available.
  • Everything you could require for the most perfect honeymoon destination!


  • It is not very cheap!

 3. Epe Resort and Spa, Lagos

This could be a great option for you! Consider the pros!


  • They indulge into 5-star hospitality
  • An exquisite cuisine having diverse local plus international dishes.
  • It could boost your honeymoon spirit
  • You can also get picnic basket jam-packed with their chef’s delights
  • Go and discover the incredible tourist attractions of Epe.


Get something inside your pocket for this!

4. Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure, Lagos

Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure is for all activity couples! It’s your number one honeymoon destination!


A pocket-friendly entrée to horseback rides

Speed boat as you wish!

There are quad bikes and lots more!


You can easily forget that you’re here in Nigeria!

5. HOV Beach Resort, Lagos

Hov is in the hub of Ilashe, Lagos city. HOV Beach Resort is the top flawless honeymoon destination for you in Nigeria.


  • No restriction to long romantic moments walking on the beach
  • Stay in as you wish to enjoy great tranquility in the local beach house without interruption to the happy newlyweds.


  • No noticeable con except on budget

6. Jaybee Beach Camp, Lagos

If you are the type that will love to hear the ocean beckoning on you, why not visit Jaybee? There is enough delicious food and a beckoning by the ocean! I hope you’ll be glad to answer?


You can Book a cabin or a room here

Get ready for romantic bonfires with and gleaming at its best!

You may look forward to seafaring in Tarkwa Bay


Might not be your usual honeymoon destination

It works for people seeking to find something a bit unorthodox

7. Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar

Obudu Cattle Ranch or Obudu Mountain Resort, is a top Africa’s attractive zone! Why not go to this tourist alluring zone now! It is a top romantic honeymoon option in Obudu, Calabar. 


  • Enjoy the ultimate viewpoints
  • Fresh mountain air,
  • Winding waterfalls, and green mountain ranges
  • See exceptional class of birds, with every issue disappearing fast
  • You can easily focus on each other here!


No noticeable con so far

8. Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi

You can color your idealistic honeymoon by taking a trip to these historic attractions now! The popular Marshal Caves, Wikki  Warm Springs is your top option today. Or you can embark on a safari to enjoy a unique wildlife experience!


  • Top Pocket-friendly gem within Bauchi State
  • Full of fun honeymoon guarantees!
  • With memorable experiences.


  • No noticeable cons!

9. La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos

Located at the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean down the Ibeju-Lekki superhighway! La Campagne Tropicana is one of the top ten loving and honeymoon destinations in Lagos Nigeria.


  • Views of each sunrise plus sunset via each treehouse with your husband carrying you!
  • Privacy to express your heart in a special way
  • You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


Nothing good comes for nothing!

10. The Whispering Palms, Badagry

If you cannot visit Caribbean, never worry! Get Caribbean home today, by visiting Whispering Palms! Located in Badagry and a perfect place for you, make your dream a reality now!


  • Get a coconut with a straw
  • Travel around this resort
  • Grab the amazing scenery.
  • Get to know the talking parrot on your way!


  • It might deep into your pocket a bit

Whatever you are searching for is here on this globe! Honeymoon is not easy to come by, so catch the best of the moment and enjoy while it lasts!

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