INFMETRY Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle!

INFMETRY Capsule Letters

INFMETRY Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle! Click Here to Get it

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Have you ever thought of designing something so spectacular to spice up your lover’s spirit, especially on this valentine day? Of course if you’re still searching for that, here you’re! “Messages in a Bottle” is the one-step-get-it-all for you! With this item of a gift, you can create a different valentine’s day for your spouse, wife, mother and all loved ones. It’s through Messages in SMS!

How about this colorful message in a capsule?

There’re 90pcs capsules in the bottle for you to eulogyize your lover! Take advantage of these to heal your lover forever! Write some secret but unique love notes to heal his or her broken heart at each meal, daily. This might be small to you, but it’s potent, and a definite therapy for sure!

About this item

INFMETRY Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle is with a new and appealing pill capsule design. It features 90 Pcs Capsule Letters plus a glass bottle. You’ll have blank piece of paper in the pill. Write whatever expression of love you’ve for your special ones on it!

Why INFMETRY Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle?

Many people are afraid of tell their loved ones how they feel verbally! If you happen to fall into such category of people, you don’t need to panic again! INFMETRY Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle is the ultimate way to showcase your feelings, if you can’t speak out. It’s a perfect gift today for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend and parents!

Who wouldn’t be happy with these Messages in SMS? By the end of this val day, you’d have made a day via great message in a capsule! These 90 capsules in the bottle, could give you chance to tell your lover whatever you wish! Shop now!

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