Nike hiking shoes have made a great comeback this year! Wait a minute; do you know what hiking means? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you!

Hiking’s activity or exercise involves going for a long, hearty walk, usually on footpaths or trails, especially across the country. According to some observations, a lot of people don’t engage in the activity. If the issue doesn’t come from tiredness, it will come from their hiking shoes. And, of course, that’s true!

Since hiking’s a prolonged walk activity, wearing heavy or tight shoes would weaken your spirit. Yes! Have you ever experienced ankle pains or toe pains after hiking? If yes, then it must be due to your hiking shoe or exceeded the limit of your legs’ capacity.

Here we go! In this write-up, we’ll bring you the best Nike hiking shoes for your optimum hike activities! So, if you’d like to go hiking this year, we’ve got the most famous Nike hiking shoes for you and your peer groups! I bet you’ll all love it!

However, before jumping into the ultimate hiking shoes from Nike, we’ll like to highlight all you need to know before you embark on hiking! We’ll also let you into different types of hiking and the difference between hiking and trekking! So, continue reading until the last section of this write-up to have an in-depth knowledge of hiking activities and the best Nike hiking shoes!


Hiking activities are from time immemorial! It has been in existence the best essential outdoor activity, performed in the form of exercise, exploration, or reflection. It’s the act of setting foot along a path via natural areas! It avails you an exceptional opportunity to develop your soul, body, and spirit. It’s the ability to enhance physical fitness, as well as improve environmental awareness, cannot be overemphasized! Now let’s get into the different types of hiking!

Did you know this? That, there’re three different kinds of hiking, and they’re all accompanied by specific challenges. And that they all have different requirements? Did you also know that, if hiking is performed well, it’s quite energizing and fulfilling?

You must not restrict yourself to close by trails either. Just take a bus or train for another trailhead. It’s known as a Transfer Hike, and if you’d like to make sure you can return home before sunset, just ensure that the trail finishes at a bus stop or train station. This kind of hike is ideal for first-timers who’d like to boost their paths to extra-adventurous trails.

  • Long-Distant Hiking

A long-distance hike could take several weeks and sometimes several months to pass through. It’s an exercise with a determination to break mental and physical limitations for people who can bear it.

It’s not like the day trip that you can turn back and go home when the sun starts setting. A long-distance hike leaves you against nature for several days to extent daily life simply fades into the background. The next landmark or panoramic view would be involved in your only cares in the world.

  • Summit Hiking

This one is referred to as the most rewarding hikes for hikers. In line with the name, it involves getting through the peak or summit of a mountain. Now you can see that the objective is very challenging and fulfilling at the same time.

Apart from the adventure of reaching the top, every peak gives a deep link with the landscape that is unique. If you wish to take it up a notch, you could also try peak bagging. This involves hikes to numerous peaks.

This activity’s primary objective is to reach as many summits as possible (including mountains and hills).


  • It connects you to Mother Earth
  • It keeps the body healthy and fit


The difference between hiking and trekking cannot be overemphasized. Hiking involves taking to the trails, immersing oneself deeply in nature, reaching summits, peaks, or traveling along a crumple line. On the other hand, trekking is a casual hobby or activity done within urban environments or on side/road walks.

The shoes used while hiking is different from the ones used while trekking. There’re some shoes you’d use for trekking and still return home with pain-free legs and toes. These special hiking shoes help you to avoid painful toes and legs after hiking!

There’re many shoes in the market now, which could confuse you if care is not taken! That’s why we’ve brought you the top 5 most popular Nike hiking shoes! This year, you’re going to enjoy adventurous hikes and come back without severe pains. These shoes are high and cozy for beginners and pros. Just get one, and thank us later!


  1. Nike Air Max Goadome Boots
nike hiking shoes

With tested and confirmed attributes of quality fitness, comfort, durability, protection, and traction, these shoes would give you the best hiking experience ever.


  • These shoes run true-to-size. It fits any leg that wears it.
  • These shoes will give you traction on ice, and the soles would do well on different kinds of surfaces as well as in various weather conditions.
  • They are pretty thick and are waterproof. They are best used during the winter or colder months.


  • Provides elite traction
  • Their coziness has been raged
  • They’ll be perfect for hiking in the winter


  • The soles seem to be very thick.

2. Nike Air Max Zoom Wildhorse 4 Shoes

nike hiking shoes

If you’re looking for a quality shoe with attributes of durability, protection, traction, comfort, and fit, then go for this brand.


  • These Nike Air Max 4 shoes come together with layers of textile and mesh. These create highly-sturdy uppers that can handle uneven and rougher surfaces. This made it durable.
  • It features a wide toe box and midsoles made of Phylon foam for comfort and sufficient cushioning.
  • It features Flywire cables. They help in keeping your feet firm and fit.
  • It has rock plates that protect the forefoot from rocks, stones, and any other wreckage that you might encounter in the woods.


  • The toe box is pretty wide
  • It is unisex.
  • It’s comfy and light
  • Ideal for running and hiking on trails.


  • The shoes appear to be a bit small.

3. Nike Manoadome Men’s Hi-Top Hiker Shoes

nike hiking shoes

Among the best Nike hiking shoes worldwide, this particular is top in durability. Its ability to protect your feet from rough edges and rocks using its forefeet protectors is excellent! Check out the features below!


  • Made of leather materials
  • Full-grain leather as well as a nylon mesh top for comfort and breathability
  • Phylon midsole to offer lightweight cushioning
  • Long-lasting rubble outsole plus trail-specific pattern for durable traction.


  • Comes in diverse colors
  • Fits any leg
  • Comes with mesh in the top


  • Some users experienced longevity issues.

4. Nike Men’s Manoa Leather Hiking Boot

nike hiking shoes

For beginners, these shoes would blow your mind on your first hike with it. You’d experience a pain-free hike all through the hiking activity.


  • Padded collar for ankle support and rear pull knob for a stress-free on and off.
  • Comes with a lace-up closure
  • Made using a Nike ACG sole
  • The heel measure is about 1.5 inches” while the platform measures approx. 2


  • It comes with rubber sole
  • Sports water-resistant leather


  • It’s pricey

5. Nike Air Max 95 Trainers

nike hiking shoes

With these shoes, your feet would feel fully protected and encased! The rubber soles would offer the required traction on the trails.


  • Rubber sole
  • Elastic lace holders and flexible lace
  • Rock plate for feet protection


  • Protects and encases your feet
  • Designed using elastic bands


  • They’re somehow narrow.


Before you buy any of these Nike hiking shoes, bear the following in mind:

  • They’ve got fit your legs perfectly!
  • They should be comfortable on your hike while wearing them.
  • They ought to be durable
  • They must provide you with excellent traction to avoid slipping
  • They must protect you.


The best Nike hiking shoes will make hiking a great experience for you, especially for a beginner! We’ve taken time to research all hiking shoes available in the market, and with that experience, we were able to get these five out for you! You’ll never regret buying them, as they’ll make your hiking always memorable!

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