Audible Gift Memberships for Audio Book Readers

Make this valentine a memorable one for your loved ones by offering them “Audible gift membership” opportunity today! An Audible gift membership option has made a great comeback with premium plus offer to give audio readers a stress free reading experience! You can make this forthcoming valentine fantastic by giving your loved ones the gift of membership or an audible book!  

What you ought to know about audible

Audible refers to an Amazon subsidiary! They’re the exclusive digital Audiobooks supplier for Amazon. You can buy a digital audiobook with Audible.

Listen to it using:

  • a well-matched Fire tablet
  • Kindle e-reader
  • Kindle reading app
  • Audible app
  • Audible audiobooks are also well-suited with: Alexa Devices!

What to look out for in every premium + gift membership

A Premium + gift membership comprises of:

  • A Plus Catalog of all-you-could-listen catalog of more than thousands (1000s) of audiobooks, originals and podcasts!
  • One credit per month good for your choice title in the application to keep as long as you wish!
  • Easy exchanges at no cost for titles bought with credits
  • All the unique audio entertainment in 1 free app!

How to purchase the gift membership via Audible?

This is quite simple! Follow the3se steps to purchase your membership today!

  • Go to Amazon Gift Center now.
  • Select your gift membership option you’d love to give.
  • Then, click “Select gift”.
  • Enter information concerning the gift on the subsequent page.
  • Finally, click Continue.

What next?

Amazon will automatically send the gift beneficiary an email based on your chosen date with some redemption instructions. They may allow your printing and giving it directly according to your selected option. Every gift recipient may start his or her Audible Premium +membership right away! While existing Audible members get all credits thru a redeemed gift membership immediately. Their existing plan won’t be interrupted or extended!

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