BFD Advantage

We introduce ourselves as one of the fastest growing service providers active in the hospitality sectors, engaged in the offering value added services including housekeeping services, office housekeeping services, building housekeeping services, office security services, building security services, maintenance services, commercial management services, security management services & housekeeping management services.

We cater to the requirements of our clients from the residential is fully committed to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective Site Security services to our clients. A critical component in achieving this goal centers on the staffing and training practices we implement, which sets us apart from other security companies and allows us to provide our clients with the best security personnel possible.

At BFD, we believe a security company is only as good as its people. As a result, we strive to employ and retain a team of security officers and specialists who are most qualified to hold positions of trust and responsibility. To meet our standards, and to honor your trust, each prospective security officer undergoes the most thorough pre-employment selection and training processes in the security industry.

This approach has increased the level of competency, reliability and integrity of everyone on the entire BFD security staff, which directly benefits our site security clients. In fact, the number of arrests made in the field by BFD’s security officers has increased by 40% in the last year alone – providing proof of our team’s effectiveness in the field.

To further maximize the return on your investment, one of BFD’s principals remains actively involved in all aspects of our service delivery. He/she will lead the introduction and transition process, participate in training, and conduct unannounced inspections of assigned security officers throughout the length of our assignment. While rare by today’s standards, this level of involvement is one of the benchmarks of our company and directly benefits the clients we’re hired to protect.

Your Security Is Our Passion

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